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For many, many, many years I've backed substantially away from the online horse communities because of the vitriolic nature of some people (see: Youtube comment sections on even the most innocent videos lol). But, times change! I need to be brave!

Firstly, I am not new to horses, but new to the forum! This is where the little starter prompts told me to post!

I started working with horses when I was 11, and training (with my trainer's guidance and help through weekly lessons) by 13. As I grew up, I moved towards training horses for a living. I did riding lessons too but mostly preferred training "problem" horses. I adore working with horses on the ground! Groundwork is the best! If I had to pick a specialty, out of everything I've ridden I've actually enjoyed Dressage the most. When done right it's like an unspoken communication between you and your horse. I am not a career rider, I prefer to just enjoy my horses, maybe bareback around or go for a trail ride.

I moved from the south to Ohio and haven't done any professional work with horses since 2014. For the first time since 2016 I am going to be a horse owner again! I have two Standardbred mares, Countess and Fly, waiting for me until I bring them home late May or June 1st. Whenever the university officially clears them to leave! They've belonged to an Ag University here for 20/19 years respectively. I am BEYOND excited to get them. Standardbreds are new to me! My history is more with Warmbloods, stock horses, and Tennessee Walking Horses. So this is going to be a great journey for us to make together!

I look forward to sharing experience with everyone here. Receiving and giving knowledge, stories, and well, everything in between!

I drew my icon! It's Countess. She only has one eye so I drew her with an eye patch and a googlie eye on it :p


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Hi there, welcome to the forum. I think that you will be ok here, I can't think of one person here who has been malicious to anyone.

How exciting to be getting not one but two new horses. Good luck with them, everyone here loves to see pictures.

Your drawing is cute.

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This forum is a lot different than your standard YouTube comment section, I know what you mean :lol: I think you'll enjoy the forum. Welcome and congrats on your new horses!

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Welcome to the Forum!

IMO there is a great group of very helpful folks on here, and caring moderators who will step in when needed.

Very exciting to have two horses coming! I think you will find the Standardbreds to be very similar to TWH in their kind and forgiving natures.

Where will you be keeping the horses?

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Welcome to this Forum!!

We are a different group of people than many other places seem to be.
Helpful, caring and common denominator of love our equines no matter what.
:runninghorse2:... changing hats and I am also a forum mod here...the newest and still learning some things.
This forum is different, period.
The mods here work tirelessly to keep this a place where all are welcome, can post and not face ridicule, be given guidance and opinion asked for, sometimes not asked for but never permitted to be nasty, spiteful or such.
So, do please read the forum rules...we ask all members to do this so you can benefit and enjoy all the things this forum has to offer our members.
As you read those rules you will also see a CEP {conscientious etiquette policy}...
We follow that and edit, remove comments and such of members for breaking that policy as needed.
Once you write a comment, you have a few minutes to make changes but once time is is a forever post.
There is a triangle lower left bottom of every post as a easy way to report a rude, nasty, SPAM post or if you just question if it belongs...hit that triangle and leave us a quick note so we know whats up...
IF, if you ever need to speak privately with the mod team, start a Talk to the Team thread {aka T4} ....we will be with you shortly. Nothing is ever discussed that is presented in a T4 on the open is private!
This is a friendly forum and we, the mods work extremely hard to keep it that way.
We are all adult here in we can agree to disagree at times but everyone is entitled to their opinion and not be ....
Well, you got the message and point. :|

WELCOME again and we look forward to you joining in the forum post and threads.. :smile:

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Hi and welcome, I think you will find this Forum great. I did belong to another one and found the people there to be nasty and unhelpful some of the times and got very tired of some of the responses.
Then I found this site and what a change in the people here and their attitude. They truly want to be helpful and supportive and even the critical answers are done in a supportive manner, not just harsh and blaming.

There are some very experienced people here with a tremendous background of knowledge and they are willing to share this, I find here that I never stop learning.

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Welcome back--I love your drawing--such a great idea. :D I was considering a retired racing Standardbred for awhile but they're harder to find on the west coast. How exciting for you to get two at once!

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Welcome, and I wanted to say that as soon as I saw your post, even before I got to the end, I was loving your avatar/pic! :love: I particularly loved what I thought was an exaggerated eye - didn't realize until I read through that it was on an eye patch (then I went back to look carefully)!

Darn, now I realize I have to figure out an avatar for myself. I really need to stop waiting until I actually find a horse for myself.

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Welcome to the forum! I鈥檓 also a 鈥渘ot new to horses, but new horse owner鈥 even though I鈥檝e been around horses most of my life, my current guy has been kind enough to keep me humble and working ;) and everyone has been very helpful and considerate with their advice.

If you are a trail rider, make sure to share some of your rides with us... once you get your new horses settled in. There鈥檚 a thread dedicated to tracking rides and miles, it鈥檚 fun to see different rider鈥檚 scenery and hear all of the fun 鈥渟tories鈥 lol

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Welcome! And, by the way, I believe that is the best and most informative self-introduction I have read. Seems like you have been here for ages. : )

Looking forward to the arrival of your new herd and new experiences.
With horses one thing is for certain, no matter how many one has had, each horse will teach us something new,

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Welcome! I actually can very much relate to your wariness of horsie communities--in fact, I wrote a confession on here basically voicing similar gripes. You won't really need to worry here, as it was mentioned, people are more supportive than not. I hope you enjoy your time here, and with your new horses!
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