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Be nice, please

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First off, I'm a fairly new rider and second of all, my little guy and I are newly together (I bought him last Monday). We are working through a few things, mostly him stopping and not going again. Please ignore the conversation in the video! Can you tell me if I'm sitting too far forward trotting? I'm really trying to work on keeping my hands still, but I realize it's really hard to see - it's all pretty dark. I notice at one point I'm shortening my reins. What do I need to work on? Thanks

I'm going to try an fix a different video of me on a different horse, and no gloves, so you can see my hands better.
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There are moments when your position is good and moments when it's lacking. Mostly I believe it's due to a weakness in your core (and of your base) and once that strengthens, you'll be more stable. At that point, it'll be fair easier to separate the hands from the hips.

Currently he's on too short a rein, with your arms too rigid and straight and you pressing down on your hands in your attempt to keep them quiet.

He'll be much more willing to move forward if you give him a place to go. And he'll be much more willing to yield when you've stabilized your core.

Enjoy your new acquisition.
Ok I didnt watch the whole video of you riding but some stuff that I did notice was your stirrups. Push those heels down,
Your going to far out of the saddle, sit a beat and then up. 1-2-1-2.
with the leg on the wall you sit that beat. also your hands you need to bend your elbows more and thumbs up.

Your also pulling on his mouth so loosen up on his mouth just a bit. You will get the hang of it since your a fairly new rider and new with your horse.
The 1st thing I would do is have a dentist look at his teeth and see if he has any issues. I also think this might not be the proper bit for him. He is fighting alot and not having much fun in his mouth. Not sure of how much training he has had so it could be a training issue????
His teeth are getting checked as soon as the dentist comes out, and the bit might be a little too big for him - I forgot to measure, so haven't bought a new bit yet. He normally frames nicely, but he didn't in this video. He's a lot smaller then the other horse I'm used to riding, so we are still trying to figure each other out. Thanks for the help :)
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