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Best English Boots for Short Female Riders?

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Hi there! I'm a beginner rider. I was riding western for awhile but now I have switched to English. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for high top English boots that wont be too tall for a very short rider. I am 5 foot 1. All of the ones I have tried so far are waaaay too tall for me. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
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As a beginner rider, I would lean toward paddock boots with half chaps. This combination is suitable for showing at lower levels. The half chaps can be shortened if needed. I am 5 foot tall and have Ovation (leather) brand half chaps. I didn't need to shorten them, but did need the elastic loop that goes under the sole adjusted tighter.
Thank you! I'm currently wearing Ariat Terrains hiking boot style so maybe it would just be best to get some half chaps for now.
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