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Best English Boots for Short Female Riders?

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Hi there! I'm a beginner rider. I was riding western for awhile but now I have switched to English. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for high top English boots that wont be too tall for a very short rider. I am 5 foot 1. All of the ones I have tried so far are waaaay too tall for me. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
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I have a pair of HorseHaus riding boots.

OMG I love them. At first they were a little stiff, but after about three wears with thick socks, they are my go to. I love how they look really nice (I often wear them to the store or something after riding) but are also very functional. They are made of real leather and very well constructed! I've had them for over a year now and they look just as nice as when I got them - with the occasional leather conditioning of course. I do also have the matching half chaps for them, but don't always ride in them if just doing flat work or a trail ride and they're still great.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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