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hi, I was looking for good shine/show products for showing my morgan gelding. He tends to get VERY sweaty and I really wanted to find good products that will last through that. I was also looking for products that would highlight is face and legs, as he is a bay with no white markings. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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The very best you can offer is elbow grease and time grooming as it brings the natural oils to a sheen on the coat...
Spray on products can "highlight" but also attract dust & dirt to the coat making it look nasty.
Products made with a silicon base are also drying to the hair shaft and skin it touches so if you use them, wash them off at days end with a real bath of nourishing cleansing product used.
Same as hoof polishes...they need removed by lightly sanding the hoof to remove...
As a hoof breathes it needs to not have some form of nail-polish restricting the air and moisture exchanges that keep healthy feet healthiest.

Maybe instead of looking to spray on instead consider some of the shampoo products made for bay horses that enhance their rich colors and help with the glisten a well groomed horse just naturally has.
The brands of "Quic" and "Gallop" I saw on a google search offer color enhancing shampoo you might investigate...
There are many brands today that offer those enhancing color coat products.
If you change brands do so weeks in advance so if a bad reaction occur it not ruin your appearance for the ring...
Just like humans, horses can have bad reactions to coat care products of all kinds...
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