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I personally would not advocate breeding a mare with hind legs that straight. No matter how outstanding the stud's conformation is, the mare still contributes half the genes.
There would be no guarantee the foal would not have hind legs as straight or even straighter. If so, the foal would likely have stifle problems and most likely would not be able to jump. Horses with very straight hind legs are prone to locking stifles and/or lifelong pain issues. If your mare does not have pain issues, she is very lucky. Are you certain she does not have DSLD? In some of the photos her pasterns appear dropped. It is hereditary but I don't think they know yet how it is passed on exactly.
I noticed the pasterns, too, such as in this photo:

Horse Sky Working animal Liver Sorrel

However, I think it may have more to do with her feet being trimmed short, upright and with heels too high.

I used to ride an Irish Sport horse that had back legs something like that. He never seemed to have any stifle issues. I do not , unfortuneately, know how he is NOW, 8 years later. He was a lovely ride!
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