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Best winter riding coats?

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I am thinking of treating myself to a nice riding coat in the new year, especially if I can find some good sales. What are your favorites for riding? I like long coats because they cover my legs, but they must have slits on the side or a front that opens from the bottom for riding. The warmer, the better, as I ride in very cold, below freezing weather and snow. A hood is nice, but a high collar even better since I'd be wearing a helmet anyway, but I like a collar that covers my neck.

I've been eyeing the Equidry coat out of the UK, but they are so oversized, I think it would annoy me. I understand that they are made to fit over many layers, however, I have having a lot of extra material flopping around. And since I'm short, I feel like I would just feel lost in it.

I have a great riding skirt so a shorter coat would also work with my riding skirt if you have suggestions for those. What are your favorite brands for winter riding?
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I do not like long coats. I feel like I am fighting them and the saddle about what goes where.

I usually ride in layers.

An old turtle neck shirt to protect my neck.
A warm shirt over that, (I use the LLBean "river driver" shirt. It is a men's shirt, but who is looking.
Over that, I usually wear a lined wool shirt.
Then I wear a goose down vest.

I also use a helmet cover and a scarf.

If that is not warm enough, I probably will go back in the house.
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