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I know this sounds stupid but if there were a great number of horses missing it's probably because someone is trying to sell it to slaughter for money and it may sound sad but it's true Horse slaughter is legal again thanks to Obama :evil:
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If you have a companion horse, why would you take it auction therefore subjecting it to slaughter ? If you r horse is too ill too old too lame you have 3 choices, let it die naturally (painfull), have it euthanized (painfull) have it slaughtered ( painfull) .
Horse meat.. not until the products used on horses state " safe for animals used for slaughter. Until then.. no way. Not my horses. But liek with the millions of cats and dogs that die every year , what happens to the unwanted horses, starved to death ? shipped to Mexico used for Charro rodeo tripping ? tortured before slaughtered.. There is one solution.. if you get a horse, keep it until it dies. Dont be breeding .
How can you say it is not Painful ? Are the nerve conductors attached to show that the nerves have not responded ? Euthanasia basically stops the heart.. have you watched the face of a horse that is being euthed ? and i have seen a horse that while still breathing spasmed . Being shot hurts .
I did forget a fourth option.. you can send the horse to a zoo , large cat facility, and they can put a bullett in its head and use it to feed the lions etc.
I watched the Vet Sedate the horse,I was holding the lead rope and it was enough . I am not against Euthanization, slaughter or a bullet to the head. I just do not consider them to be pain free.. LEss pain than abuse less pain than starvation.
I am against using horse meat , That has been treated with Medications that state DO NOT use for animals intended for slaughter, for human consumption.
I am against Charro rodeos, cow tripping, tiping and same for the horse tripping. I am against BUll fighting as done in Spain. I am against Dog and Chicken fighting. That is all painfull to the animal . I am against breeding just because you have a mare or stallion. Same for dogs,, cause you are just gonna get rich doing so.
I stated I believed it was painful. I have had over the years, due to horses age , guts failing, old dying horses euthed. THe horse I saw in PAIN had been tranked, had the full kill dose. THis horse when it hit the ground, tried to rise, curled her legs up bought her head and neck and it was awful. The horses nostrils were flared , it Moaned , Now it was not like 5 or 10 minutes went by, it was probably within one or two minutes, but that horse was in pain . It still Haunts me. Maybe the VEt had done something wrong, but with the full dose that horse felt it. One VEt did not admin enuf on a huge draft, and that horse had to have a second full dose, and it did not show as much pain as the mare , but the facial expression on the Draft was awful also.
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