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Oh my gosh you guys!

My instructor let me canter for real for the first time today!

I've cantered before...mostly on trails...sometimes on an old horse who trotted with her hind legs and cantered with her front...on Western horses and in Western saddles and I don't really count it. But I can count this!!

After jumping a really small vertical and doing pretty good the more advanced girl in my group asked if she could canter the jump. Erin said yes and then I asked when the rest of the people in my group could canter. She thought about it for a few seconds and then said I should try switching with Shannon after she cantered. Then Shannon said something and I asked my instructor what was wrong with Lucky's canter. She just "hmm"ed and said I could try it. So I did :D. And then I went the other direction too and did much better the second time (though I did pretty good the first time too). Lucky just gets head strong and fast (like pretty much always lol...and this was after getting her worked up for her favorite thing in the world...JUMPING :lol:). Her canter is actually pretty smooth. Today she decided she didn't like listening to my leg aides so much though so sometimes on the corners she wouldn't bend correctly and I would be thrown almost to the side of the saddle if that makes sense. But I made her listen to me and I got her straightened out for the most part :D

I was so happy and excited I was talking about it pretty much all the way home. My poor dad was trying to listen to his sports people :lol:

Why don't you guys tell me some of your recent steps forward too?
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