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Bit questions?

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For my horses, I just use a plain single jointed snaffle. That's pretty much all I've ever used, except using a curb bit on my old trainers western pleasure horse, and I'd like to think I have pretty soft hands.
What are your opinions on a twisted snaffle bit? I know a couple gals who use them, and I've heard some different things about them. I'm not planning on ever using them, just wanted to know. Of course, even a snaffle could be abusive in the wrong hands. Technically, you could hospitalize someone with a spoon 🤷‍♀️ One of the trainers at my barn uses it, and it truly has helped her and her horse.
What do you think, and what bits do you use on your horses?
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I'd reach for a curb bit before a twisted snaffle, but I wouldn't assume a twisted snaffle is cruel. One uses the least bit a horse responds to, and then trains the horse for more responsiveness, until both horse and rider are happy with what they are doing. What works for Bandit and me isn't what many would want...but it does work for us.

I'll share this picture just because a lot of folks have never seen what goes on inside the horse's mouth. It isn't what people preach when showing bits on their forearms:
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