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I'm sure this has probably been posted and discussed a hundred times on here...

I have a 4-year-old off the track Thoroughbred gelding, I got him around June of last year. I have mostly been riding him with a run of the mill D-Ring Snaffle, but he acts like he can't even feel the bit in his mouth, actually I think I have better luck riding him in a halter and lead rope lol! Anyway, I was wondering what legal, lower level Dressage bit I could use to get a little more control over him. I was also wondering if anyone had ever used the training snaffles with the keys in the center, and if they were legal in lower level tests? Or maybe the happy mouth bits?

I've rode him in a Kimberwick a couple of time, but I feel like that bit is just way too much bit for him, he's not a wild horse, he's really lazy, and there really isn't a reason to use it except it's the only strong bit I have and if he decided to run away with me, I'm not sure I could stop him in the D-ring. I don't make a habit out of riding him with the Kimberwick. He definitely responds well too it and really gets "round" when I ride him with it, but it just seems too harsh, especially since he's still, technically, a baby.

Thanks for your help :D
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I have an of the track horse too, and it seems to harder I pull (for example she gets hot in the canter and a half halt just doesnt cut it) the faster she goes. She rides really nice in soft hands and LOVES being ridden in my bitless or my halter. I ride in a really soft bit and just take the contact as I need to.

Also , if he's recently from the track, he will need about 6 months to cool down. My mare was having problems then she injured her stifle, it took about 6 months of gentle lunging and lots of loving to get her quiet. Now, we dont have fits often.
Hope this helps!
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