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BN Test A Question

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So my horse is shedding, spring is coming and we're starting to get ready for our big tadpole competition. Life is good.

I have a question about the new version on BN Test A. The beginning move is trot AXMC. For the X-M-C part, are we talking abrupt direction changes or a sweeping curve at M? Can you enter at whatever your better diagonal is and then change accordingly at X and M? I'm not quite sure how to interpret the test.
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Can you post me a link to the test please :) Let me have a look-see.
That was N that you gave me, but I looked up BN Test A and read through it.

Ok, you are at X - head to M like you would if you just went FXM, and from M, move to C as though you do on a regular basis, going deep and round into your corners.

From X to M, make sure you get a nice clean turn, bend, outside aids strait to M, then bend around your inside leg, get into the corner and go to C.

I personally, would enter in on the diagonal I would as though I were going to go from X and track right at C - then after my turn from X heading to M, I would change my diagonal to accomodate the track left to C.

Does that make sense?
Some of it makes sense. So it's straight line A-X, another straight line X-M, and then normal deep into corner to get from M to C. All on the right rein, or would you use your stronger diagonal for A to X? For me it's the left, so I'd rather come in looking as best as possible.
You use whatever diagonal you want :) Seriously, you wont get marked against it. They are looking more on how much impulsion you have, and how strait you are, how soft your horse is and all the more important aspects to the test.

Strait line from A to X, as strait as a line from X to M and then a nice bend into the corner to C.

I cannot imagine that they want a strait line from M to C - that just seems far fetched for a BN test in my opinion.
I agree with what MIEventer said. Straight line from A-X, then from X-M, then nice round, deep corner to C. I personally would go in on the left diagonal because that's what I'm used to doing and then switch when I got to X.

Good Luck!
Absolutely, best of luck! I am super excited to see pictures!!! Don't forget your green!!
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