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Body Protector?

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Hey there!

I just recently fell off a horse and didn't hurt myself bad, but next time I could, and I know I was lucky. I'm wondering if I should get myself a body protector for when I ride, but am not entirely sure if I need it. I do walk trot canter, and have done some jumps, but not much more than that. Any thoughts?
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i used to use one. It helped me just feel more confident in riding my new horse at the time, who was a bit more reactive/spooky than the lesson horses. I have since stopped since it no longer fits, and I learned how to ride my horse better ( as in I was less nervous on her, found ways to communicate with her better and ect. )

vest can be a good option for some extra protection. As far as if you need it or not- it’s really up to you. I mean, your not steeple chasing or horse racing or even But if you think you would be more nervous riding without one, and feel more calm using one…. One will always be a better rider when they are calm. I had one, and all I did was walk and trot. While I don’t use it anymore, I have no regrets buying it. I have not seen anyone else wear one at either barn I was at tho. But that didn’t bother me, I felt more confident with it on and therefore felt less anxious riding.

the plus side to riding with a vest:
can help you feel more secure ( however, doesn’t mean you get to ‘ride stupidly’) you can still get hurt if you fall. Best to make choices to prevent a fall ( ride smart)
vital organs have extra protection
softens impacts

down side:
can restrict movement some ( depends on type)
can get warm
not going to protect every part of body or protect in every possible way- it has its limitations.

if you get a vest- make sure it’s fitted properly. I know with mine the sales associate Helped me, maybe because it was a combo, but she Did state if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t protect right.

it comes down to if you want one or not. Google the different types, you can ask sales associates if you browse them a the store and just do what makes you feel more comfortable. I don’t think you are partaking in riding activities that definatly require a vest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one if you so choose.

good luck, and sorry to hear about the fall. It happens to all of us at some point.

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I have a komperdell, before that I had airowear but that wasn't my thing. A vest does restrict your movements a bit, especially in reining (speaking out of experience), but the komperdell is really soft and had big enough armholes. You could also consider an airbag vest. My komperdell has saved me from cracked ribs... So I am glad I have it since I ride alot on horses I do not know and I am a novice rider. I also ride out in the woods and stuff tends to happen... :)

Go to a good store! They will let you take several vests home to test ride in them. That's how I found my perfec vest. They can also properly adjust the vest to your body shape and wishes. :) A good snug fit is imporant.
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