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Hello! I've been using these Durango boots for a while and absolutely loved them. They lasted about a year before they started giving me issues. The first problem was that the in-sole lining on the bottom had a very hard piece at the heel, and I guess after putting them on/taking them off so many times the heel piece bent forward, so I was stepping on it all the time and it was super annoying having it under my foot all the time. Pulling it up did nothing because it just bent back forward when I put the boot back on. If that makes sense.

Second, now the lining on the inside of the shaft is deteriorating, and I can hardly take my boots off because it catches on my heel every. Single. Time. I'm using these boots for riding, working, working, and working. For the amount of abuse I've put them through, the outside looks okay, but after only a year the inside shouldn't be so bad I feel like. I think it would be good to add that at this point the lining is giving me blisters on my heels and I NEED new boots.

So, I was wondering what everyone suggests. I usually wear bootcut jeans, so boots like Dublins probably wouldn't work so well. I would prefer for them to be somewhat nice enough to wear outside the barn but it's not a must. I need something that can take being in all types of weather, being worn everyday, and good enough to ride in. Also the deteriorating of the inside of the boot isn't because it's too small, these boots are about a size and a half too large lol... I didn't take into account that leather boots stretch. I don't really want to pay more than about $200 seeing as my Durango's didn't last as long as I expected. Any suggestions? (Would prefer in person stores so I can try them on) Thanks!

ETA: They also must be comfortable! 馃槈 they鈥檒l be in a lot of muddy situations, and they鈥檒l just be worn in general a LOT. Also a shaft is a must, no hiking boots. So I guess a more western type boot. Let me know what worked for you and what brands/styles to avoid. Also I鈥檓 not trying to hate on Durango because I loved them while they lasted, I just need something with a little more life in them. Thanks again!
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Sounds to me the boots are worn out and mechanically/structurally failing.
Since you really wore them out in a year, I would expect any other pair of boots to also follow suit and be kaput in a year of hard wearing and everyday worn.
Now wearing them being stuck by metal piercing the footbed, insides catching your socks :(
Boot cut jeans can be worn with any don't have to wear them stuffed inside the boot shaft, you can and they are made to wear pulled out and over the shaft of the boot comfortably.

Many here mention Ariat boots and how they are very comfortable to walk in, to wear with jeans and to ride in...everyday.
Thinking the cost of Ariats can be less than Durango brand you might get 2 pair of boots instead of one...
Ariat Fatbaby style boots are favorites of many who do barn chores and ride... All the pictures are just a few of Ariat brand cause they start with "A" and are first in alphabeteical listings...
Footwear Brown Outdoor shoe Sneakers Walking shoe
Footwear Brown Shoe Walking shoe Sneakers
Shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Font Work boots
Footwear Brown Shoe Durango boot Steel-toe boot
Brown Steel-toe boot Work boots Durango boot Synthetic rubber

These are just a few of the hundreds of boots bootbarn has and ships for free to consumers. All the manufacturers are represented at that store and online source.
I also see decent selection of boots from Tractor Supply or Amazon. Decent selection and good prices are a large incentive to get me to shop and spend my money at your establishment.

When it sounds the counter of the boot is separating, the inside is now catching your clothing and making removal of your foot difficult....
Boots like anything else have a finite amount of time to be of good use, supportive and indeed safe to wear....yours sound to be past time replaced.
I absolutely would not be wearing something daily that stuck me in the bottom of my foot every step with a piece of metal.. no replacement insole is going to fix the fact the boot structurally is compromised and you are a step away from a potential serious injury to your sole you may regret.
For as long as you've had and as much wear you've done the boots have earned a burial in the garbage can.
If you got good wear and longevity out of what you had, then replace them with another. Feet are like anything else...what is comfy for you may not be for another....time to visit the boot store and try on if you want a change of manufacturer, style and look.
馃惔... jmo...
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I use the 1st or 2nd picture {Ariat Terrains or H2O} myself or had leather upper and stitched sole paddock boots I worked in in the barns...
I never had sand get in and disturb my toes... these do wear out the sole faster but at half the cost of many of those boots pull on I could afford to have a new pair more often. Some people complain of separation of sole from footbed happening....I've not had that but also not stand in urine soaked ground either.

@QtrBel knows where the information is about steel-toed boots...glad to see she came and shared...
It makes a difference and many did not know to look for that rating given.I did not and learned something myself.

For me though, steel toes in a frigid climate hold the cold near my toes more easily and my toes get cold enough with no help...
How often my feet get stomped on or something of that weight dropped to them in a barn....I would not be wearing that style of boot myself in normal circumstance.
I was watching a Budweiser video the other day of the team being unhitched and unharnessed, put on the haulers....being those horses each weigh over 2000 pounds quite a hit to the toes and don't think I saw any handlers wearing steel-toe footwear..
Aside from that...they are not comfortable to me to ride in...
To each their own and feet must be comfortable to make it through a long day on your feet.
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