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Boxer did not make it.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

I just got the news!
Boxer's injuries were just to much for him to survive the surgery.
He is no longer with us.

His owners are down down in So. CA at Thermal showing some of their horses. This was extremely hard for them being they are away.

I am so sad. I really liked this horse and thought about taking a look at him before I got my mare Candi.

RIP Boxer.
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Sorry to hear that : (
That is so sad! My heart goes out to the poor guy, poor boxer :(
Oh no :( What a scary time for him and the owners. So sad he wasn't able to pull threw. I'm glad he is no longer suffering but it sure isn't the ideal outcome...
I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the owners.
Thanks all.

The assistant barn manager just called me.

We talked about the whole thing.

You know, there was something about Boxer that really reminded me of my gelding Tiny. They even looked alike!
Boxer a bit darker.
They had the same eyes. I never really told anyone I thought that about Tiny and Boxer.
However when we were talking about Boxer on the phone, she told me that he was her favorite horse there. She also said that Boxer and Tiny had the same eye.
I was like OMG They did didn't they. She then told me she thought Tiny and Boxer had eyes with windows in their souls and I just lost it and cried!
It is so true.
The other day I was trying to photograph the horses at the barn. I went to photograph Boxer's eye and some others on that side of the barn. But my camera was not working right. by the time I got it working half way decent the light on that side of the barn was not really good. I never had the chance to get a photo of his eye.

One of my friends worked with the HJ trainer helping with Boxer etc. and she is extremely sad too.

The Asisstant BM told me that the BM is pretty upset too. She said that ot many got to know him the way they did. His goofy antics going to and from turn out or being blanketed and unblanketed.
The Asistant BM is one of the only people that has ever been able to deal with Tiny's silly quirks and it is totally funny because when she is around he adore's her.
The owners are pretty devastated.
Thanks all
I am pretty sad. hard to even think about it. I even went and watched his video on the barns web site. I can't watch it again but at least he was happy to be working.
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I'm am so sorry!! :( Thoughts and prayers being sent your way.
May he rest in peace.

My thoughts and prayers go to all those who know Boxer and Boxer himself.
Godspeed, Boxer.
He sounds like such a great boy.
RIP Boxer. This time of year seems to be tough for horses everywhere. At least he is not in pain anymore.

Do you have any pics of him? I would love to put a name to a face.
Thanks Drew.
No I didn't get any photo's of him.
Still sad about the whole thing. Hard to be excited about Candi coming home in light of this accident.
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