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I have a saddle on trial..Unfortunately i found out it might be broken 馃様 there is a crack (or is that coating??) going down here on both sides, but on one side the crack moves... And the saddle creaks badly.. l had someone sit on the saddle and move left and right and i could see the crack go further apart.
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I would show the photos and video to the seller and ask if they want the saddle back or if they want you to dispose of it. You certainly should not have to pay for the trial or shipping. Quite possibly the seller did not realize the tree was broken...? Or they are trying to scam you.

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Unless you fix the saddle or the person owning it does, its junk.
Dangerous to the horses back who it sits on to injure them.
Sad, as the saddle was so nice but any and all saddles need to be checked for a broken/cracked tree when looking to purchase.
Would make a lovely decoration piece but never to be ridden in again unless fixed.

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The saddle has a Ralide/synthetic tree and yep its cracked, looks like someone tryed to patch it up at one time. Ralide is a synthetic type of Polyethylene thats way cheaper then the rawhide covered wooden trees.Its a cheaper form of tree thats lighter in weight and some of the saddle makers like them since they are cheaper to buy. Sometimes the extreme heat are extreme cold can cause the cracking if left sitting in a tack room or the tack room of a horse trailer during super hot or super cold weather or if a horse falls or has flipped over on it. It dont happen offten but it does happen if the tree has a tiny flaw while being molded. You can have the tree replaced by a saddle maker. I have had a tree replaced when I bought a saddle with a bad tree.
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