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Hi all,

My horse needs to be on stall rest for at least a month. The problem is he hates being indoors, and indoor stall rest isn't cheap. I'd like to build him a small outdoor stall/pen, 15'x15' or 10'x20'. Have any of you done this before? I'm specifically looking for advice on:

- best building materials (want to stay away from metal panels he can put his leg through - ideas I've come up with are solid wood, wooden fence, posts with electrical tape, PVC pipe)
- whether there should be a shelter or covering to protect from sun or rain
- fly control (will be on grass not mud but he is a Sensitive Boy)
- chewing prevention (don't want him to eat the posts if he gets bored)
- should he be able to mingle with other horses over the fence or kept at a distance?

Thank you!
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