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Just wondering what you mean by that?


They were not getting what they (the owner) wanted.
They were not happy,They were afraid or upset with the interaction with their horse.
The horse was not performing to the owners expectation.

Things were not working.

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Scenario #5

The trailer accident.

Betty is a good single mom and has made a great recovery from the divorce.
It was easy to get the three girls involved with the local 4H club and the busy schedule was great for Betty also as it kept he mind busy with the girls and horses.
Her background of growing up near ranches and being involved with horses really was paying off and their life was full of outdoor activity's.
The youngest was not really riding age yet but had a blast helping out and assisting her older sisters.

This weekend the family was going to try something a little different at the urging of the oldest daughter that wanted to try her hand at a local Gymkhana that was just a bit of a haul away.

The family had not been to this local club before but the horse were doing well and after all mom was sure to get them there in her normal safe style.

Now Betty had never been to this part of the County before and it was in a little valley across a small mountain range that was a remote part of the county.
She was fairly confident as she had logged a bunch of miles hauling and had never had a problem on the flat ground that she traveled on.

The horses loaded well as usual and lunches were packed,the truck had gas and they were on their way with time to spare.

Betty turned on her new GPS about 20 miles out for a check of directions and it confirmed the route was correct over the steep mountain pass.
The pass was only 7 miles long and she would take it real slow.
She was ready to finish what she started and she new that things would end on a good note.

Now the truth be told Betty's Ex husband had installed the trailer brake controller in the new truck and had told Betty to keep the dial set to #3 and she would be OK.
Betty had been meaning to sit down one night after the girls were in bed and read through that operators manual so that she knew how the darn thing worked.
That is what she was thinking about as she started down the steep incline into the little valley.
The trailer felt different right away and the three horses that they were hauling seemed to be pushing the back end of the truck around as they went around the tight corners.

Betty did not know the the youngest had been playing inside the truck before the family had departed that morning and had turned the knob of the brake controller to a different setting and Betty had not noticed.

The paramedics were on the scene in record time for that part of the country as it was too steep to get a helicopter in that steep of an area.

Betty was in shock but was thankful that the kids were OK.
The police were talking to the fire and rescue about how to get the rig out of the ravine after the fire was put out.......

The devil is in the details,

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Scenario #4

John is kind of a guy's guy and has a deep male laugh that matches the rest of his rough demeanor.
He likes to do very masculine type sports so it is no wonder that he was drawn to team penning and cattle work.
He like the clothes,the outdoor setting,and the good conversation.
He like the guys and their no nonsense attitude and practical approach to their lives.

When they are not talking about their trucks or trailers they can always change the subject to guns or cattle.
Most of the guys "Just get the job done" and are not all about clinics and touchie feelie training methods that are just miking some guy rich somewhere.
John has a couple of dollars stashed away and is comfortable in life and feels that he can make up for the late start he had with horses by purchasing good,quality tack and horse flesh.
His new friends seem knowledgeable in the area that he is interested in, successful in the arena,and are eager to help their new member out.

John had a great day on his new colt and he got lots of compliments about the good choice he made in buying one of the other members young Quarter horses.
The horse was flashy,with a lot of chrome and would grow to fit him well in the future.

The day had gone well and it was time to load up and head for the barn as John had finished what he started and was looking forward to a cool one at home so he could end things on a good note.

Bud the 4yo gelding that he was about to load was "a little sticky" on loading so John was ready with a couple new tricks to make it go smoothly.
So were 3 of the other fellow that wanted John to finish his day right.

As the tired gelding took his third tentative step into the new aluminum trailer John was sure to show the horse that he(John)was still very much in control of what was happening.

One fellow yelled "Load up",another cracked a whip with a plastic bag tied to it ,and a third threw an empty beer can just for good measure.

Johns trailer still has the dent in the roof of his trailer where the horses skull was crushed and neck was broken.
The good note is that the ranch where they were at had a backhoe to off load and clean up the mess.

Don't ever walk behind me or my horse when I am loading up and don't ever help a loading uninvited!

We go through this scenario A LOT!!!! in our hauling business. Hubby has had his face kicked and still has some paralysis, that and a broken arm all from owners trying "help". Now he just gets rude and tells them go away.
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