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So I was just wondering if there are any registries I could register Sonya in, in Canada? I can't put any pics up right now but I have a few of her in my barn. I do not know who her parents are, or if they are registered. She doesn't have any purebred papers.

So here is her info:
height: 14.3
age: 4 in march
colour: wild bay with pangare????? (she has silver mane/tail and silver legs)
Breed: qh x Appaloosa ( not positive)
markings: small star. 2 inch white spot behind left cheek on neck. Back socks . Front striped feet. Roaning throughout whole body.

Thanks, any info will be appreciated!
Only 1 in Canada and a few in the US.

The Canadian Warmblood will give her auxilliary papers and only if you bred to an approved CW stallion can any of her offspring climb the ladder to a higher division.

Look them up.

You can register also with the PHR or AWS as there aim is more towards the performance area.

Check the AWR. They MAY look at her.
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