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Candi Working today in the indoor.

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Hey everyone.
Well my girl is starting to turn a few corners at home. She was pretty tense the first few times in the indoor. She had not really been worked in there before she left. There is all sorts of noises and distractions so we try to get things done with her early in the am.

Today she blew off a bit of steem and then seemed to start to settle in, only to get seriously distracted and upset of the clippy-clop of another mare and her owner in the barn isle.

Have no idea what she was thinking.

She puffed herself all out of shape for a bit, but then came back to us and setteld in quite nicely.

She is still a bit uncertain while being ridden in the indoor so when my trainer rode her today we had her on a lounge line. So sorry no video.

We took her to a familar place with the lounge line and I think it gave her a bit more confidence while my trainer was riding. Candi seemed to really relate to "okay I am on the lounge line I feel safe"

Not sure if all that makes sense but it seemed to boost her confidence way up.

Candi working in the Indoor 2.28.10 video by Steener_421 - Photobucket

By then end of the hour she was soaking with sweat so rather than let her be sticky and take forever to dry I hot washed he in the wash rack and took her out in the sun. Which she loved. The turned her in a little round pen inside a small barn and let her roll. Then put her away to finish eating.
A few hours later I took her out and groomed all the dirt off since she rolled on both sides. We walked around and I hand grazed her and took some photo's. I posted those in the "pictures" area

I am soo happy to have her home...:D:D
Thanks for watching
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Hey Horseychick,
I don't turn my horse loose in the arena because a horse broke it's leg running loose in there. It is just to dangerous.
I think she is finally coming around and will settle in the more she works in there and get used to her routine which is basically Wed - Sun
Thanks for the suggestion tho
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