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Hi I m a northern Michigan horse owner with a 12 year old quarter horse mare named Cash who is a dark chestnut with a white star on her face we barrel race and do polebending i am thinking of doing jumping and need to know all the tack I will need! HELP ME plz!:gallop:
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Use the tack you have right now, no use buying a bunch of things only to find out that Cash HATES jumping! To do so, start by going over ground poles and slowly progress to small jumps. You can jump in a western saddle no prob. I like leading mine in hand or lunging her over small jumps first so she can learn to handle herself over a jump without worrying about a rider. Luckily my horse will GO OUT OF HER WAY to go to a jump sometimes so I definitely know she likes it! Other horses will do anything to avoid it.

Try to practice jumping on a horse that know how to jump so that you have some experience by the time you get on Cash.

Once you know you and Cash like jumping, a jumping saddle is a good start. For beginning, an all-purpose english also works. An english saddle pad would also be needed. Whatever bridle you are using will work as long as she reins well. If you want to compete you would need a good english bridle as well. And whatever you do, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.

Hope this helps!

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WELCOME to the Forum....

You already have the horse and western tack...
What kind of bit do you ride in now...often you can use a similar or the same bit, just a different headstall as English bridles use a noseband/caveson.

So depending upon bit...
A English styled bridle with laced reins...
A saddle, probably would go with a A/P style since you will be just starting out and learning a whole different use of your body and would probably like the added support of a A/P over a close contact saddle...
Saddle pad and girth will get you going.
Keep it as simple as you can...
I have found decent tack at this place both English and western style along with horse/stable needs.
From a entry level bridle to a entry level saddle package, to discover if you like English riding you don't need to spend a fortune...

I have also spent lots of time and $$ purchasing from
Stateline is a real store same as Chicks is with decent equipment that doesn't need to make you poor when would be if you could borrow to try before investing in case you not like or enjoy...
If you decide to continue riding English then you can replace, improve quality as your needs change...

One of the most important purchases is... a helmet for head protection...get one!
Go to a store and try on several manufacturers, brands and models in a $$ amount you can afford to a helmet and wear it.
It could be your life in any equestrian sport you just saved wearing a well-fitting and comfortable helmet.
Also....a pair of heeled shoes, paddock boots or similar for minimizing stirrup hang-up but that you should probably have from your western gaming.
Other than that...

Go have some fun while you learn.
Don't sweat the clothing stuff unless you get really serious...if you get leg pinches use polo wraps on your calves or 1/2 chaps..they work.
Now, have a blast and enjoy!! :cool:
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