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Hey guys, I thought I'd share some pictures of my ride yesterday. It was raining when I got out there, well, it wasn't like raining raining, more like a light drizzle, until the end of our ride, lol. Anyways Cayden's gonna be turning six in EIGHT DAYS!:O Anyways, the last two rides I've been doing trot poles, and she's doing great about it, also yesterday I got to canter her for the first time since her injury! We even cantered over a pole, she acted like a total pro. But during the end of our ride, she through a fit because all the horses horses ran to the other side of the pasture, and she wanted to join.-.- But other then that she was awesome! I'm hoping to start jumping her in the middle of March? But for right now we're working with trot and canter poles, and learning to stay focus on her rider. Sadly I didn't get any cantering pictures.:/ P.S totally ignore my horrible EQ.

Okay picture time!

Hey, what's going over there, mommy?

Is it just me, or does she sorta look like a TB in this pic?

Trotting over pole.

I see that camera pointing at me.
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