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Christmas Eve 2018 Sleigh Ride

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My parents won't be on the farm for much longer so i made this video.
Thought i would share it here.
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What a sweet remembrance you will have forever...

Beautiful farm and passageway through the trees full of birch and maples I think I saw the bark of...
Horse-drawn sled is something few will ever experience and less will know that special sound of leather harness creaking, the clink of the chains, the noise from a head-toss of bridle and reins and clip-clop of the teams feet hitting frozen ground.
The sound of a voice speaking to the team commands to pull evenly, smoothly and safely with laughter of children happy in their play...
Stuff dreams are made of....
I remember Currier & Ives pictures of similar winter scenes and how special they looked...
Cherish this video...a mark in time to treasure.

Thank-you for sharing it with all of us.
A WELCOME to the Forum extended to you...

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Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing the video. Beautiful horses and farm- I too loved the part where they come through the woods. And the sleds being pulled behind looked like so much fun. Your kids were so sweet and gentle when they were with the horses in the beginning of the video. Someone has taught them well how to act around horses. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi and welcome, nice team you have.
Your parents will enjoy this video for many years.
Your camera person did an excellent job of filming, worked hard at it too, to get good shots, such as going down the hill to film the children on the way down and also I suspect they had to run ahead to get that great shot of you all coming back through the woods. Kind of made me smile as the team approached the camera and wondered about this person ahead of them. Is it a boogy man up there???
Great video and good to watch.
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