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Chronic Protein Deficiency in Horses

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I ran across this article the other day and had some pretty intense "hmmm" moments. Especially when I read how little protein in hay is bioavailable. It explains so much!

Anyway, I was reluctant to share it because some folks may throw the whole article under the bus due to the reference to soybean meal as a dense protein supplement, but if you don't or won't feed soybean meal, overlook that and evaluate the take-home message. Chronic Protein Deficiency In Horses
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I have been feeding Tri-amino to my horses for a while now. I noticed it made a big difference with my Cushing's horse. I try to buy great quality hay, but it can be variable. With easy keepers you don't want to load them up with concentrated pellets, because they need the long stemmed forage.
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