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I'm looking at purchasing a 13" youth sized saddle for my little sister (she's almost 10, slender, but very tall for her age). I'm looking at a Circle Y Rebel Brand, made in Yoakum, TX. With my limited research, it seems to have been made when Circle Y saddles were really, really nice still (not that they aren't now!). It is tooled all over and also has the older style metal lacing along the cantle. The tree measurement is 8", but it looks like the seller measure low based off the pictures, and the bar angle looks like it could be a good match for my half-Arab and Morgan.

Ultimately my sister doesn't have her own horse yet (and likely won't soon until I can add a third to my own personal horses). I'd like to find a saddle that is "good enough" for most horses that she'll be riding now (my horses), and is quality enough to last when I have children or if friends/neighbors/barn friends need a saddle to borrow for their little's. Resale value is also important. I think this Circle Y hits all of the marks.

But, it's priced at $475 - reasonable for the quality and age? It looks good to me, likely in need of a good clean + condition, but I don't see any glaring faults. The seat stitching is good, the skirt stitching is good, there isn't much fading. Is $475 a good price? Does it seem like it'd be pretty versatile until my sister needs an upgrade to a large seated saddle (hopefully for her "own" horse someday?).


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