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Clothes For Sale

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This stuff has been lingering in the black depths of my closet for years. :lol: Anyway, wanted to see if anyone was interested in this stuff.

I don't get on here very much to check please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Buyer pays shipping...$4.95 per item...that's the standard rate for USPS Priority Mail. If you buy more than one item it won't all fit in that standard box so I'll just have to do a quote on for you. I'll only accept Paypal because it's just so easy and scam proof. Thanks.

Items 1-7 Price is $5
(1)White Slinky. Has the fake crystals on the collar. Size Medium. Hobby Horse Clothing brand. Okay condition: has some fraying on the sleeve ends.
(2)Blue Slinky. Has the fake crystals on the cuffs and collar. ACW Design brand. Size Large. Good condition.
(3)Beige Show Pants. Hobby Horse Clothing brand. Size 26 Long. Very good condition.
(4)Custom Vest. Blue and Lime green. Has fake crystals all over the place. Size Medium fit. Good condition.
(5)Custom Denim and Gold Horsemanship shirt. Has a starburst pattern on the front, and a starburst on the sleeves. Size Medium fit. Good condition.
(6)Yellow/Orange Plaid shirt. Rockies brand. XL size...think this is a "Girls XL" not womens though. Good condition.
(7)White and Gold Vest. Geometric shapes in different colors all over. State Line Tack brand. Size small. Very good condition.

(8) Lime green shirt. Brand Circle R Classics. Can't find a size on it...sure its a Medium-Large. $2 (NOT PICTURED)
(9)Beige jeans. Rocky Mountain Clothing Brand. Size 26 Long. Good condition. $2 (NOT PICTURED)

(10)Hobby Horse Beige Show Belt. Size 32. Very good condition. $10
(11)Leather Belt with Silver Conchos. Unknown brand. Unknown size but it is just a hair shorter than the size 32 HH belt listed above. Very good condition. $10


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