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This is a long shot but if anyone has any more ideas, I'm looking for suggestions:

This photo was taken October 2019

These photos were taken March 2020

This horse has been boarded on my farm for the past 9+ years.
Our best guess puts him age 20-23 now.
He has always been a VERY easy keeper. Healthy, shiney...
Over the winter I noticed him drop a notch or two in the pecking order and spend more time alone.
A few months ago, around that time, I noticed "someone" had loose manure. I figured out that it was him and have kept an eye on him. Played the "maybe its this kind of feed, maybe its that one, maybe the hay..." trial and error game and nothing changed his manure consistency feed wise.
I de-wormed him (he has always had negative fecals...) and gave him a long round of sand clear and started pro-biotics.
He did mildly choke twice over the winter, I informed his owner that its time to get him into a vet clinic for a dental and check up...
His owner is not able to make it out often, she never has been, so I've done my best to keep her appraised of the situation.
Over the winter he went to a very top notch clinic, though he was seen by a vet there that I'm not familiar with.
He had his teeth floated, he did have mouth ulcers from sharp points and a few teeth with cavities.
We discussed his diarrhea and steady progressing weight loss.
He is excessively thirsty and I'm assuming all of the water is attributing to the manure change.
The vet felt that he is at a healthy weight and said that "any weight loss he has experienced is probably good for him"... I strongly disagree. Given he has lost all of his muscle and topline for the first time in his life, I've never known the loss of topline & a scruffy coat condition to be "good"... but for what its worth, she seemed unconcerned.
He was given a 14 day course of SMZs to help with the mouth ulcers and see if by chance that cleared anything up in the stomach. Along with different/more probiotics.
He had a blood test to check for Cushings, he is NEGATIVE.

His owner was crossing her fingers this would take care of it and was essentially out at that point, thats as far as she could look into things. Now, with everything happening in the world and her loss of job she is REALLY out, so a second vet trip is not in his future. Shes not really even asking how he is doing, so I'm just doing what I can to see if he makes an upswing now that its spring for whatever reason or continues to struggle.

So again, more brief, he HAS seen a vet. Has had a dental, antibiotics, probiotics & regular gut supplement, checked for Cushings, de-wormed, sand clear, feed changes... he is not being fed to little or bullied off from his feed. At this point I've now separated him and he is offered free choice hay, and his regular feeds.

He has no reason to up and get an ulcer, but I've recently started to treat him both herbally and with Omeprazole to see if that did anything for him. No changes thus far.

His manure can vary from fairly normal, to cow pie, to this....

ANY thoughts? The poor old boy. He doesn't feel like himself and I am running out of at home shots in the dark... sigh. Has anyone had a horse with a stomach tumor or something more serious that is familiar to this?

Also stange, when you take a nervous horse for a trail ride and they poop multiple times, eventually its very loose. Well, he is the opposite? He was always a prolific trail pooper and now, the first one is diarrhea and they get more firm as he goes along?

Thanks for hearing this long winded message out, any thoughts?

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My first thought was Cushings and it’s still on the closet shelf in spite of the tests.

My second thought is cancer:(:(

My third thought is ulcers and/or lipomas I n the hind gut.

If the owner will let you spend the money try putting him on the two-phase, 60 day treatment of Egusin. This stuff is unbelievable and all natural. Not cheap but I give it a five out of five.


Take him off the herbal product and omeprazole before starting it, however. Keep him in the probiotics.
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