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You did not say if there is something specific you wanted assessed, so a general tear down I'll do.

I like his coloring and his face, shape of his eye and ear.
The picture is hard to evaluate how well his neck truly ties in to chest, how clean his throatlatch area is, the size of his jowl in proportion to his face length and overall forehead width & head shape.
I like how his neck ties to his wither and wither to spine with enough fat/muscle to give a smooth top line but some angles seen.
I don't like his hind leg set, much to steep his legs, actually standing under himself.
I do not like how steep his croup is and unless you stand him up perfectly and stage him well in a ring, he has noticeable deficits in his build.
With you not standing square to him taking a picture its hard to see how long his back is and how well he ties together at the hip girdle...but the hint is he could be better.
His feet are small for his size seen but can't tell how they are shaped. I know teacups for feet on big, fat bodies is fad choice but not the best for a horse of his size and mass.
Can't see his cannons, pasterns, fetlocks, knees nor hocks and how they are set on the body either.
All I can see is his knees appear flat...
We know he is a halter horse as you did another thread with same picture presented...

Big, muscle bound and fat horses standing on small feet for their bulk are not a good combination.
I know that is how the halter horse is presented today but for the sake of my horses health and longevity I would sculpt his muscle not make him jiggly fat..sadly that to me is points off if I was a judge..
I actually would not be looking to put any more fat on this horse, he is covered well enough but now needs ridden to sculpt those muscles and balance the package you want seen.

He's a nice looking horse, not fantastic in build but not terrible by any means... With good positioning, stood-up better some of his seen here "lessen" ...and he doesn't need to jiggle in fat, be so muscle bound or be on the verge of going over into potentially deadly territory of laminitis or founder and the lasting effects the horse becomes crippled from.
I see many nice points to your horse if he were to stand in front of me no fatter but better balanced in muscle he would absolutely place very nicely in a class of many in the show pen.
Best of luck in how the future goes for him... and for you.
🐴.... jmo...
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