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Conformation Critique?

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Conformation Critique on this 2014 Arab Gelding?

I'd like to use him for endurance and trail rides but I think his hind legs show some promise for jumping even? Opinions?
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Pictures like these, although nice, don't show how the horse truly is built.
A fake extended neck, hind legs stretched out in a false stance distorts true body conformation..

Can you get/take more "normal" pictures of the horse for a better idea of how the horse looks standing naturally not in a show ring stance...
I know of no horse who stands normally with head and neck at such angles...nor do their legs place that way naturally unless a gelding urinating and not wanting a splash on him.

I think the pictures actually discredit the horses build from a conformation judging for a riding horse point of view you ask for.
If this is how this horse truly stands on his own, at liberty....I would not want anything to do with this horse.
In a show ring for a "in-hand" class...fine.
For conformation, not working for me.
Obviously you know this or you would not of made previous apologies for them.
New and better pictures shared please...there are many threads here with pictures shared that you can see so you can also share the same kind for a honest assessment.
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