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Confused about Confo pics

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but this category seems like the most likely.

Anyway, I see a lot of people posting pictures, including myself, asking for critique of their horses conformation, etc. And lot of people reply back that the horse needs to be squared, isn't standing in a position where it could be critiqued, etc etc. However, when you go to say AQHA's website and look at their documentation and charts on conformation, most of the time you get a horse pictured that is NOT squared. So now I'm confused...

Ok I know a FLAT and preferably HARD surface is desirable. I know standing up straight and not stretching out, turning etc.... is also necessary, but what more? Is it enough to have the horse positioned like in the examples on AQHA that allows for them to be straight but not necessarily squared, or do you HAVE to have them totally square as some people say?

I want to take some better pictures today so I can get some really good opinions of my horse basically as in his shoulder angle, knees, cannon bones, etc. I haven't decided on his "occupation" yet and I am hoping to get some opinions before I start "finishing" him for whatever he is goinng to do.

Where I board, there isn't really a "flat" surface let alone solid ha ha, and it's all covered by grass so it hides the feet. I could put him on a mat, but still it wouldn't be perfectly flat.

Thanks for your help.
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The best picture for critiquing is like this:

Although preferably with the head facing forward, so we can see how the throatlatch ties in.
This way, the critiquer gets a good look at the angles of the legs, as the closest two are square, but the farther ones are also visible. The picture is directly from the side, so we can accurately comment on the back and shoulder angles and length.
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