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Conscientious Etiquette Policy

Please note that this Policy is part of the Horse Forum Rules

The Horse Forum was created so that people can discuss horses in a friendly, fun, helpful environment.

Members should be aware that this policy, in terms of an acceptable way to discuss people or topics relating to members of the public, also extends to non-members who become the subject of a discussion.
We politely request that members do not use this forum as a platform to attack, ridicule, accuse, condemn, etc members of the public.
Please respect the anonymity of members of the public when posting anything here.
Please do not use the real names of people, the names of their horses, their property names and locations or anything else that could reveal the identities of those people who may not want those identities and/or personal information posted on a public forum.

We reserve the right to restrict the membership, temporarily or permanently, of those who undermine our efforts to preserve the character of the community.
We also reserve the right to restrict posting privileges, temporarily or permanently, to specific areas of the Forum.

Please exercise what we call conscientious etiquette when you post.
This means that you keep the objective of preserving the forum's friendly, fun, helpful environment in the forefront of your mind as you write your message.

If your post is aggressive, condescending, rude, etc., regardless of how subtle the comments are or if shrouded in the form of opinion or question, it is subject to being removed.

Please do not start threads that are clearly aimed at creating contention, such as inviting other members to criticize a discipline, breed, style of riding - for example Western versus English.

Members that constantly have posts edited or removed will receive informal warnings via the Conversation (private message) system and official Warnings that could eventually lead to a temporary or permanent ban or restricted access to parts of the forum.
In extreme circumstance the Moderating team reserves the right to issue an immediate temporary or permanent ban.

This applies to the Critique forum as well. People come here because they are passionate about their horses. Naturally, a biting critique about an animal a person is passionate about can be very hurtful. While a request for critique implicitly invites criticism, the sensitive nature of such topics is all the more reason to post conscientiously, keeping the other person's feelings in mind. Always strive to be constructive, not destructive.

Our interest in preserving the nature of the community trumps our interest in allowing everyone to share inappropriate opinions here. If you can't share your opinion in such a way as to preserve the friendly, fun, helpful nature of the community, then please don't share it at all.

Please use the Report Feature to notify the Horse Forum Moderating team when you read something by somebody who clearly hasn't adhered to this policy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Moderating and Administrative Team by starting a Conversation (Private message discussion).

Thank you,

The Admin/Moderating Team
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