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Cricket and her new halter...

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It's PINK!!!

Oh my gosh. I never thought I would ever put my horse in something PINK. Ever. I hate pink... It's hilarious.

You see, my best friend/trainer came out a few weeks ago and she is a total pink aholic. She put Cricket's mane up in braids with pink bands and my first reaction was to totally freak out and rip them out... (I supposed I'm overly dramatic, but I've always seen pink as a sign of girly-ness... I suppose growing up as a total tomboy and only having guy friends my entire life has ruined my femeninity.... I'm kidding, but still...)

Okay, anyway... So she told me that Cricket looked really good in Pink. I agreed, and slowly... EVER so SLOWLY, my heart's pink-ness has been refilled. She has converted me over to pink. Because orange would not go with Cricket. So, instead of just going all pink, I decided we need a pattern...

CAMMO!!!!!!!! Yeah man. Yeah. I have pink cammo medicine boots and a pink cammo saddle pad coming in the mail soon. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Anyway!! On to pictures!!

Emerging from the swamp that is her corral... It rained a bit. I've been kopertoxing the CRAP out of her feet (No pun intended) And guess what? NO THRUSH!

This is the cutest picture of her little face...

NOTE the hat! It's also pink... And cammo! Oh, And it's signed by Stacy Westfall while I was at the Equine Affaire in Pamona... He he he I got the halter at the Equine Affaire too! They had a regular green one too... I wanted to buy both but I swore to leave my wallet in the hotel room so I didn't spend anything. I broke my promise.

She says "I like my silky new lead rope, too!" heh heh

"Does this halter make my face look fat?"

And one more... Sorry for the overload!!


I really like the style of this new lead rope... I haven't had a nylon halter in a million years. Okay, thats it! Sorry for the overload!
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AW! Cricket looks awesome in pink!!! just be lucky she's a girl... it's not so bad putting a girl in pink.... Teddy (oh poor Teddy) is in purple and pink (w/a smidgen of blue lol) Can't wait to see all her other pink "accessories" lol
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