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Critique me and my horses videoss :)

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okay so here he is. critique him and me. harsh as you like.
hes only 3 :) id like to do dressage mayb.
well anyways knock yourselves out :)
p.s. could anyone tell me if he looks like hes pushing from behind or pulling with his front? i cant tell.

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Cute but it is hard to tell to much because the lighting on the video is bad... But super cute pony!
More pulling from the front. He also looks a bit lazy and behind your leg. However, considering he's 3, and that he is so calm and good natured, I can't be too harsh.

He has a couple of limitations as a dressage horse - 1.) he's a "leg mover" meaning he holds his body still and just moves his legs and 2.) he doesn't track up.

Lower level dressage would be great for him in terms of suppling or gymnastisizing him and getting him to use his whole body. A training program that emphasizes stretching, lots of long and low and lateral work would be ideal.
is there any way to teach him to move more with his body?
How come in the Canter you are riding in your 2-point jumping position? Unless you were specifically working on that.. I'm not sure, but you are CONSTANTLY forward at your hips, with your shoulders in line with your knee rather then your hips, which is fine over trot poles - but you should be sitting tall whilst on the flat. Your stirrups also look a little short, although maybe I just prefer longer stirrups.
he is still a baby. and i like to just stay off his back.
so i watched the video's again and man is he cute! You can send him to CA to visit me for a vacation :D
haha okay. if he ever needs to go on vacation he'll definatly be coming to you :) im sure hed love CA!
he is suuuper cute :D

wanna trade for Jack? xD
sure if jacks over 16 hands!!

lol im 5'9 and i might keep growing so imma need a big horse :)
First of all, he's VERY nice for a 3-year old, and with a lot more suppling, could be a very nice Dressage partner.

Your posting trot is quite nice, and you look pretty comfortable. If I had a bone to pick, I'd say that you post just a little too high out of the saddle, which leads me to my next point.

The stirrups are a good jumping length, but for flatwork I would lower them a hole or two, which will fix your slight posting problem, and help you find the right position for the canter, and everything else.

The last thing is, your elbows are pretty stiff, so if you loosen them up and bend them more, it will help your whole position a lot.
Also, he seems a little hollow on the left side. This is natural; all horses have one side that they prefer to bend to. You can greatly improve his suppleness and performance by building up the muscles on the left side of his neck and shoulder. This will also do wonders for you when you start teaching him about leg-yielding (if you haven't already).
thanks for the advice:)
do you know of any exercises for building up muscle?
i have been doing alot of transitions and circles. but its honestly not seeming to help.
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