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Critique My Jumping Please

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So I went out and jumped the horse I ride today. These pics aren't my best, due to the snow I haven't had a lesson in almost a month and I tend to get rusty pretty fast. Thanks in advance!

Also sorry the pics are sooo crappy. Actually they look really bad and my jumping position looks really bad too. But I'd appreciate any advice you could glean from these awful pics and my awful position haha.

So sorry about the quality, any feedback would be appreciated. :)
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Ok most of these pictures aren't were I can see what is going on very well. But from what I can see. You are to much on his neck, dont lean on his neck,
Your arched.
Lean forward a little but not much on his neck
You are too far up on his neck. You also need to push your butt down into the saddle and your shoulders back.
you are way over the saddle and pommel. leave your butt in the saddle and just raise your toosh UP, and lean a bit foward and let him come up to you dont over-reach
Too far forward for my liking.
Looks to me like you are jumping ahead/using his neck for a crutch.
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