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Critique my old boy :) Heaps of pics

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This is Clyde :) I've had him for 3 years. He was my first horse, but I have another one that I got a year ago. He is an 18 year old qh x tb x arab x saddlebred. Please keep in mind that these pictures are from his third ride after a year off due to injury. He's pretty stiff and his rythm is a bit dodgy, but that will get a lot better with time. I'm really proud of him, he's really enjoying getting back into work. Please critique me and him, nothing too blunt though :) Sorry about the million pics... :O I actually reached the maximum :lol:


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he is cute and looks very happy :D

for you:
-close your fingers on the reins
-make sure you keep those thumbs up (this will help keep those elbows in too)
-toes forward
-i would like to see your heals down more but you are riding dressage so to each his own :D
-some of the pictures your lower leg is sliding forward and giving you a chair seat try to keep that lower leg under you
- eyes up, i tell my students if you look at the dirt you are going to end up in the dirt :D

for him:
-i would do lots of stretching and make sure you warm up correctly, this will help him stay supple and keep him sound

good luck!
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