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critique new gelding please

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Took this guy, a stud, and a pregnant mare out of a bad situation. Let me know your thoughts on him :) He is 16.2 hands high. sorry pictures are not the best. Hes broke to ride and such a sweetheart but hasnt been ridden in 3 years let alone touched in 3 years so starting from basics all over again


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I love big stout solid horses. If you get tired of him ship him to Utah.
These pictures aren't very useful. The horse needs to be on level ground. Giving a critique off these pictures wouldn't be very good because the horse doesn't look good with all the weird angles.

How to Take a Good Conformation Clinic Photo
I'm not a conformation critiquer but he is GORGEOUS. He looks very noble and intelligent, and what a beautiful head!
Hes an apendix quarter horse. He is very intellegant... Very spooky from not being touched in 3 years and is doing great undersaddle... Im just starting from the beggining with him :) Hes very very sweet!
he might be starting on top of a saddle when he steps on yours and gets scared. Safety First. LOL
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