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Critique Plz

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This is my10yr old American Saddlebred. She is five gaited.
2008 December:
PICT0073.flv video by horsymorsy - Photobucket
PICT0074.flv video by horsymorsy - Photobucket
PICT0075.flv video by horsymorsy - Photobucket
2009 June:
VID00031.flv video by horsymorsy - Photobucket
be as you want i just want honest opinions
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my trainer right now is not really interested in making my horse better she says she just needs maintaining(total BC) she is cantering on the right lead in both vids on the first direction she picks up the wrong lead behind. in the fist vid she was like 16.2 or taller in the 2nd she was 16 or taller(not taken directly at withers) (different trainers and different styles of shoeing)
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