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I have a Crosby english saddle that I bought used about 40 years ago. I no longer have a horse and decided to part with the saddle. The only distinguishing features that I can find is the Crosby rivets and an Olympic Works badge. It also has a brass name tag on the back. The leather is in okay condition but needs some stitching repaired. I am trying to decide what...or if... it is worth, and exactly what type it is.
Thank you!

Here are several pictures. IMG_1794.jpg IMG_1795.jpg IMG_1798.jpg IMG_1785.jpg IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1797.jpg IMG_1796.jpg IMG_1806.jpg

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Emotionally, priceless...
In reality about $300 if you're lucky.
With the split seat, maybe $200....
I see perfect condition name manufacturers saddle by me going for that $300........

No one wants a plain flap today or anything remotely what was known as close contact of that era.
Today the fad is to see the knee roll, have the padding that not only locks the knee but locks the thigh with blocks too..

Look at your local Craigslist, Farm & Garden section and do a search of "English saddles" ....
Then do a surrounding area and see what you see...
By me, sadly these saddles are nearly given away...
Your saddle is worth a bit more because it has the buttons of the manufacturer still seen, but otherwise...nope.
You still can't replace it with anything near that quality you have....split at the seat/pommel leather or not.
Think carefully about selling, very carefully...

Oh, the name plate you keep...the holes will forever remain but the plate keep, no one wants someone else's name on their saddle. :cautious:

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she said it. The torn seat alone lowers the value significantly. It is such a pretty saddle, though. Decorative item?

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I love these types of saddles and have one almost identical (but darker leather), myself! They truly don't make them like that anymore, the quality and craftsmanship were excellent on the older Crosby saddles!

I agree with horselovinguy that it is emotionally priceless! I love my old saddles and wish they could talk so I could find out about what neat adventures they've been on before they came to me!

Monetarily though, unfortunately, since they are very out of fashion in the show world these days in favor of much more substantial French saddles, and the fact that most people don't want to ride in plain flap saddles anymore (though I personally love them and think I usually ride better in them), and a lot of these older saddles don't fit a lot of the modern Warmbloods being primarily used these days, they don't have a lot of monetary value. I think horselovinguy is right that around $200 with the split in the seat might be the best you can get. Another thing is that there are TONS of Crosby Prix des Nations saddles like this all over eBay and similar sites, and I've seen them go anywhere from peanuts to around the $200-$300 range (maybe a bit more if they're mint, but usually not; My old Crosby PDN with average wear was listed as $75 OBO and I won the bid for $36, and my '90s Crosby Sovereign that had seen very little use was around $350-ish, including fittings).

As far as type goes, it is a close contact English saddle (the original and TRUE close contact style, and once the most popular close contact saddle back in the '70s and '80s, and maybe even in the '90s as well) designed for jumping.
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