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The ones made by MIEventer are really great too.

Isn't that one of the reasons we ride and have horses - the fufillment of childhood dreams and that feeling we get from our horses that we are special. - Maybe if you ask Santa he will bring you one for x-mas!

I'm going back to drool over the ones that MIEventer has some more.
Thank you :) Very kind of you to say so :)

You're right though! I would go to horse comps, and I would see people riding around on their horses with beautiful, fancy browbands and I can remember saying to my Hubby "I want one of those" so when I looked them up, I was shocked at the price wanted for them.

There was no way I could afford to buy one, so being from a very arsty/crafty family, I came up with my own creations, for much less.

I love making them, each one is an indavidual and unique and I think the horses who wear them look smashing whether they have crystals or not. What makes me super proud, is seeing someone wearing one of my browbands at a comp, where it makes me warm inside.

That's the best feeling!

My Husband is making me a website and business cards. I'm small, but I thoroughly enjoy it :) I LOVE making them! I love the ideas I get and the colors I can use and the choices of beads and crystals.

The best part out of all of it though - is when I get a picture with the owner beaming the biggest smile standing beside their horse, and hearing how much they love their new browband. That's the best!

I'm in the process right now, making up some gift certificates for the LMHJA's banquet. One of the "Head honcho's" of the organization contacted me and asked if I would donate a couple as door prizes, and I said absolutely!

I know that there are many out there who want pretty things for themselves and their horses, and being able to offer them something, in this economy is my way to make someone feel special.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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