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Custom Bridle Beaded Browbands

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I was trying to find a place to share what I make for horses and ran across a link to this forum so here it goes......

I make custom beaded browbands with seed beads size 11. The ones I have made so far slipped on and off to your liking. They were sewn onto leather for easy slide. I also have the option of applying velcro to the back for easy on and off any browband.
These pieces do take time(2-4wks) to make so your patience is appreciated.
The choices of colors are easy to find on my website on the custom form... Custom Order - Beavertail Trading Post ....(hope this is ok to post if not accept my apologies)...
These browbands are custom so would need size (measure from inside to inside) and width and preference of attachment, slide or velcro.
These cost $130.00 each as they are Custom Made.

Also depending on size and kind of bridle my husband makes custom bridles as well. Again the Custom Order(2-4wks) would need all measurements. Brown or Black Leather choices.

Please any questions don't hesitate.

Thank you hope to see you soon
Mary [email protected]


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Update...still make these for horse lovers....if interested email me at [email protected]
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