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Custom Saddle Pad Design Help!!

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Hey everyone and happy thanksgiving!!
i need help designing a custom saddle pad for my horse! I want to get a saddle pad and probably a matching ear bonnet too, and I have someone to embroider it for me. So I need to figure out a design, and a color for the saddle pad and bonnet. I know some of you guys are really artistic, so I thought I’d ask for ideas!
i want to somehow include the google logo, and maybe the little crescent on his face..
heres some info:
his show name is Google This
he’s an American Saddlebred jumper
he’s a liver chestnut
here are some picture!
Horse Sky Plant Liver Working animal

Horse Sky Cloud Helmet Bit

Sky Horse Working animal Fawn Wood

Horse Sky Cloud Helmet Bit

Working animal Liver Mammal Wood Collar

Horse Working animal Liver Horse tack Stable

Horse Cloud Sky Horse tack Working animal

Hair Horse Head Sky Cloud
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You guys look so cute together! If you wanted to add a Google on the pad and bonnet maybe you could go with a mint color, then add a pattern like this? THen add the google in a bold black or something. I don't know. Just an idea! 😊
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