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Also to add to what Norval said to do. Work her Butt off around the barn and arena. Tons of transitions, circles, lead changes, extended trotting, cantering. Whatever you can do to tire her out really good.

Then take off on your preferred route at a decidedly nice slow walk, let her relax away from the barn. On the way back do as Norval says and do not tolerate the behavior, but keep it at a slow pace, minimal work.

As soon as she calms down at the point you described wheere she can see the barn, make her butt move move move again and all the way back to the barn, and when you get there rider her hard until she wants to stop and the keep riding her, then maybe take her back out on the road at a nice walk, turn around and repeat until she drags butt on the way back.

Do this every ride for a while and she will think twice about wanting to go home Make home the place to work hard and the road the place to relax.

Another thing to try since a loop is not an option. When you get to your turn around point dismount and have a picnic or let her graze for a bit or something to get rid of the whole"Uturn" concept, make it a destination to do something relaxing and disengage her mind from wanting to go home.

Also, don't unsaddle and untack her in the barn or arena. If possible untack as far away from them as you can say out in the field(or anywhere really, just make sure to mix it up and in a different place every ride) and then walk her back.

You can just drive your truck out to pick up your saddle and stuff. You don't want her to associate the arena or barn with untacking and relaxing. Do this for a few rides and she will not assume just because she is going to the barn or arena she gets to be untacked, that it can happen anywhere.

Sorry for the novel, just thought I would add a few different ways to do it, give you some more options.
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