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Dante's Birthday, and another step towards me being the "crazy horse lady!" ;)

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Dante's Birthday, and another step towards me being the "crazy horse lady!" ;)

Although Dante is a JC-registered Thoroughbred, and thus technically ages up on January 1st, he was born on April 9th and so that is when he gets cake. :) I didn't get terrific pictures this year as I have the past couple of years with my last horse, as it was evening, and grey, and Dante had been rained on haha! But here are some of the pictures - he thoroughly enjoyed his rainbow sprinkle cake! (Please ignore the fact that I look like a fat cow...dieting and running season has now commenced! Haha!)

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Fat cow? FAT COW?! Psh, goodness then I must be like a whale or something.
Can I have some cake!?
Hahah well I suppose I'm not a fat cow, but I have spent far too much time this winter watching Monty Python and eating chocolate...not good!
The cake was delish, I think my trainer and I ate more of it than Dante!
Oh my goodness I LOVE the hat!! Too cute! You two look adorable together.
Hahaha thank you! All of my poor, long-suffering horses get party hats...but in exchange for that indignity, they also get lots of homemade treats! :)
Aww, thank you :) Dante is my little prince, he can pretty much bat his eyes at me and get what he bad haha!
You are sooo pretty!

Dante looks like he enjoyed his cake!
I have no clue when my horse's b-day is so I am going to make one up so she can have her special day and have all the glory :)

The cake looks yummy. I have a recipe book just for horses..I'm going to go find it and make a cake now!
hehe nice pictures! Your horse seems to like cake
How did I miss this???

You two look fantabulous together! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DANTE!!! Hee hee, love the birthday hat! Adorable!!

Nelson turns 21 on the 23rd of April. We have April Babies :)

My birthday was on the 17th...I'm an old hag.
April ponies are the best - I've had three Aries horses in a row! Haha! Somehow it works, even though I'm a Cancer ;) I can post the recipe if you guys want - the cake is really yummy, basically just a carrot cake!
Honey...there is no way you look like a cow! You are absolutely stunning, and very beautiful!!! As well as Dante. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANTE!!!

That cake looks great! Wish I had some haha.
Aw thanks, haha! I guess when you have a stringbean Thoroughbred, guilt starts to kick in after a while haha! Mmmm, I want to make another one of those cakes just to have in the house, but it involves grating carrots which is sooooo tedious.
lol, at normal size girls whining about being "fat".

I wasn't really calling myself fat, I made an off-hand and joking comment about looking like a cow. Obviously I don't actually think I'm fat :p Butttt I do think that as an eventer (or, heck, a rider in general!) it's my responsibility to be in shape so that my stringbean doesn't have to work twice as hard to get us around a course! Haha! So no, I'm not fat and I'm perfectly happy with how I look, but I totes need to hit the treadmill and put down the Nutella to get ready for event season! I owe that much to my pony!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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