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darkening a bay's coat?

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Hi everyone! :)

I have a light bay gelding and I'd like to darken up his coat. He has a very prominent dorsal stripe and dapples.

Any suggestions on a supplement? i'd prefer a natural one and one that doesn't cost and arm and a leg! :wink:

I've done a bit of research and things like turmeric and linseed come up a lot... anyone ever tried these before? do they have any effect?

Thanks in advance!! :D
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Thanks heaps everyone! :)

Tlkng1, i love the before and after shots! :D

I don't show, so the fact its not allowed isn't a problem for me at this stage... but why does it come up illegal?

I'm definitely going to try the Paprika and flax seeds, Turkish Van...

Has anyone had an experience with turmeric or sunflower seeds?

Thanks again! :)
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