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Here is my girl in the new blanket. And a few others from today lol

*My two wet "rats" eating before I tried the blanket on here haha*

*Giving me the "look" for bothering her. LOL*

*Arrow giving me the "look" for bothering him hehe*

*My sisters attempt to get her to look and me and her shaking her head haha*Please excuse her jacket she only wears it outside when it is muddy and icky so only one gets reiund (sp?)

*Showing my sister what she thinks of her :)

*And what she thinks of my spending all my money on them and buying her this pretty new blanket haha
And the "Demon" puppy, Blizzard.

*Asleep with his favorite toy*

*Waking up*

*Back to sleep*

*The two resident ducks*

*Our "HERD" haha Minus two calves and a steer*
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