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Diarrhea From Purina Outlast

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My horse has been recovering from what we believed to be a parasite problem I’ve been working with my vet on. We dewormed her with Quest about 3 weeks ago and put her on SmartPak smartdigest ultra and seems to be doing well for her. I had to move her home all while in the middle of all of this which worried me with all the stress, but she seemed to be transitioning really well! She’s been at the new home for almost 2 weeks now.
I had a nutritionist recommend Purina outlast because of her drop in weight, but I didn’t want to change too much in her daily diet with her transitioning to new grain, new home and fighting the parasites all at the same time, so I went with the outlast treats and gave her about 4 of them whenever I went up to see her (bag recommends 5-6 at a time)
2 days after giving her the treats one day, I noticed a pile of Diarrhea in her stall. I thought maybe it was her body adjusting to the new grain and all her other manure piles in the stall were solid and she seemed fine - eating and drinking, no problems so I didn’t really think too much of it.

Yesterday, I gave her the treats again.
Today the barn manager called me and told me that she was acting weird and pawing/flicking her tail worried about colic. We gave her banamine and put her outside so she could move around in case it was her just getting anxious from being in her stall. (She was used to being outside a lot more at her previous barn, now she’s on a half day in half day out program). When I went up to check on her in the afternoon, I noticed a lot more Diarrhea piles in her stall from last night that were not there before but there were also solid poops in there as well. she seemed very alert and no major signs of colic other than some tail swishing and lifting of her tail. She was drinking water too, so it wasn’t from dehydration.

So now I’m curious if the outlast treats are what may have caused her Diarrhea, or maybe it’s her adjusting to the new grain? It just seemed weird it was all of a sudden after 2 weeks of being there and not all of her poops were runny. We have been taking our time switching her food over, so it hasn’t been a drastic change.
I hear a lot of good things about outlast but I’m curious if anyone has ever had a horse have adverse side effects like this to it?
Or maybe it’s the parasite problem?
I’m not too sure…

For now, I’m no longer giving her any of those treats and I’ll be monitoring her to make sure she is recovering in the right direction. If not, then I’ll have to give the vet a call again :(
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