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So it's been raining here for like, 4 days straight, and since the horses are about going insane and it's only drizzling they have been out for the past two days. And they are disgustinggggggg. I am dreading grooming. Ugh. I also had a banana, and even though I ate it before I went in the paddocks they all had to maul me.

Skeeter, mauling me.

The two big boys, who stay fairly clean.

More mauling.

Worse mauling. He's so cute. I actually think he's tryin to grab my hoodie strings. Which he gets a smack for, but he's still cute.

Miss Annie trying to find out if I have more bananas.

Butts! Chopper is 4 years old and Skeeter is a yearling. He's going to be a big boy.

Annie still asking me for something.

This is what the majority of my pics look like.


More ughhhh.

Me and the Muffin.

Honey being a *****.

Skeeter's lovely tail

/End picspam.

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omg I had to do a double take on that appaloosa. From the sides, he looks exactly like my old horse. You can see photos of her on my profile.

Very cute horses!

Edit: ok I double checked and the side view is not an exact match, but they are similar!
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