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Do people every artificially alter conformation in a horse?

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While taking one of my equine classes at college I heard a rumor that some Arabian horses have their muzzles wrapped with a band when they are young to shape/deform them into an extreme dished shape as they grow. I tried researching this, but it seems like most, if not all, dished noses are caused by genetics (though wry nose and an instance of a foal developing with a leg over its nose did show up in search results).

I'm purely asking if people artificially alter bone conformation in horses, not to what degree an Arabian horse's nose should be dished through genetic selection (that's a whole other discussion).

I've also heard of using bustles on horse tails to encourage them to hold them higher.
Are there any other examples of this in the horse world?

Thanks in advance!
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years ago they would block a tail in western pleasure horses, actually a block under the tail , and a whack . it prevented the horse from lifting its tail high. For breeds with a high tail set, the opposite would be done and set it always be raised.
injecting tails for pleasure horses is done all of the time. Fake tails would also fall under this I believe. Cosmetic devices are most certainly used. Overlong toes and high heels are used in some breeds to exaggerate gait.
The fake tails to me are like hair extensions in people. It is not permanant and it does not injure the horse unlike, the tail blocking, and the soring etc that is done.
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