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I'm not entirely sure where to put this, so I figured sharing a picture was a good as any.

I sold my boy Winston back in 2010 to a woman in New Jersey. I know she had him up until at least February 2011, but after that I'm unsure of when he was re-sold. I miss him and I want to know what he's up to and if he's still out there!

Anyway, his barn name is Winston, Jockey Club name All's Quiet. About 16.1-16.2 hands. Dark bay with no white. Foaled in 1998 but I don't know if that information was passed on to the buyers. His tattoo is illegible so they could have told them a different age.

I LOVED him and should have never sold him but my mom had some health issues and we couldn't afford to keep him. :-(


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