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Dressage Saddle Help

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I am in the market to buy soon, and I am curious as to what brands are recommended and I should look at.

Let me start by saying my budget is around $400, give or take some :wink:
I am looking for a nice, used saddle.

My horse is wide, but is quite curvy. So it needs to something that is curvy enough & will have ample wither clearance. The panels can't be too angled in the rear, as he does have a shorter back and, again, is wide. I tried a newer Collegiate Senior Event (Convertible type) on him and the panels were much too angled, they dug into his back. We sold that saddle very quickly.

So... I've been looking at Collegiates (The older style dressage saddles, the Jessica), Courbettes (I have a Wide Courbette CC right now & love it. The panels are perfect, and it has just enough curve for him.)
And I was also told to look at Kieffers. However I have heard mixed emotion about the quality of them.

One more... I like the Karl Neiderseuss saddles as well, and have found a few in my price range.

Any thoughts??
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I have a KN. I love it! I have the professional model (Allegro II) and I find it doesn't really hold anything in place, which I like, but you may want somthing a bit more stabilizing like the Symphony. I have the larger seat size and I find it fits riders of every size/shape. You do have to watch that you are fitting it to horses with smooth sloping withers though. Otherwise you may have to add a gusset in the back panels.
Courbette is also a good quality saddle.
Try everthing you can find on your horse and find something that you and he really like, good luck!
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